Alibaba Cloud Malaysia Tech Chat

Tech Chat is a monthly series where we showcase how our new cloud product is the driving force behind the digital transformation of businesses in Malaysia. We uncover the overview, features, how it works, scenarios and customers of our new Alibaba Cloud products through exclusive interview with our Alibaba Cloud experts.

Stay tuned for a new episode every month!

Uncovering Zoloz

ZOLOZ Real ID is a digital and remote online solution for eKYC. It helps reduce turnaround time when verifying customer accounts with a world-leading, proprietary, anti-spoofing algorithm.

TechNovate How-To Series

Application Load Balancer

How to Use Kubernetes to Build an Application-Centric Solution to the Hybrid Cloud

Data Protection with Cloud Backup & Recovery as a Service

How to Select Suitable Instance Families for Workloads

Alibaba Cloud WAF Defends the Web Applications from Attacks

Industry Digitalization and Innovation

Digitalization is Accelerating at Industry Levels.

Industry Solutions Video

Finance Solution

Compliant and Secure Financial Cloud


Compliance with international information security standard and regulation

Real-time Trade Data Manager CloudQuotation

AI Conversational Chatbots to automate customer query response

e-KYC Fintech Solution

Blockchain and data encryption service

Retail Solution

Online Offline Integrated Omnichannel Retail Experience


B2B2C Retail solutions

High speed livestreaming

Text search and image search

Personalized recommendation

Cloud Electronic Shelf Label

Internet Solution

Deploy Powerful Cloud Platform to Drive Your Digital Business


Mobile development platform, mPaaS

Scalable, reliable and secure cloud infrastructure.

Cloud-native relational database

Global network service


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